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Excessive Algae on the front glass

Excessive Algae on the front glass can be unsightly any take away from your enjoyment of the wonderful animals you bright into your life.  Luckily for all of us, glass is really easy to clean. Algae loves to grow in dart frog vivariums because it is humid and has great lighting that we intend for our lush plants but algae has no problems highjacking these conditions and can turn into excessive algae if left unchecked.

Step one… Get a Josh's Frogs terrarium cleaning sponge.  No joke, we use them right here in our facility in just about everything and they work fantastic!  First, we wet with RO or distilled water, then gently remove the easy debris, rinsing your sponge out frequently. Then start scrubbing a little harder to get the stuck on stuff.  These sponges are meant to slowly break apart as you clean, that is what gives them the awesome cleaning power capacity they are known for. The participants are completely safe to come into contact with animals and the sponge does not contain any cleaning chemicals.

Using a sponge for every monthly vivarium check and maintenance is a great way to ensure that algae is a problem of the past.  You'll never miss their action in your vivarium again and all it takes is a few simple swipes with the Josh's Frogs terrarium sponge!

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