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Looking for a unique ground dwelling amphibian? Toads come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and sizes, offering something for almost everyone.

No matter what you choose you can find a complete kit for your toad HERE. Each kit comes with housing, substrate, decorations, and anything else needed for your special toad. 

Want to learn more about these amphibians? Check out all of our Toad Care Guilds

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Out of Stock Sabana Suriname Toad - Pipa parva (Captive Bred)
Out of Stock Malaysian Horned Frog - Pelobatrachus nasuta (Captive Bred)
Out of Stock Smooth Sided Toad - Rhaebo guttatus (Captive Bred)
Out of Stock African Green Toad - Bufotes boulengeri (Captive Bred CBP)
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