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Madagascar Ground Geckos

Found in Madagascar, ground geckos (Paroedura spp.) are quite the opposite to the island's popular day geckos: they're nocturnal, fairly drab in color, and tend to stay closer to the ground (though despite their namesake, most species do appreciate some climbing material). What they lack in color, however, they make up for with impressive textured scales, patterns that can render them nearly invisible against bark, and a nighttime hunting skills that are always a joy to observe! Altogether rare in the United States, these species will make a unique addition to anyone's collection!

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Out of Stock Stumpff's Ground Gecko - Paroedura stumpffi (Captive Bred)
Out of Stock Pygmy Panther Gecko - Paroedura androyensis (Captive Bred)
Out of Stock Pictus Ground Gecko - Paroedura pictus (Captive Bred)
Out of Stock Nosy Be Ground Gecko - Paroedura oviceps (Captive Bred)
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