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Millipedes are pretty incredible arthropods - these critters are known for possessing hundreds of legs and peacefully munching on decaying wood and leaf litter on the forest floor. There are over 12,000 species of millipedes in the world, and fortunately for us nature lovers, quite a few of them make great pets! Easy to care for, inexpensive, and colorful, we'll focus on 3 species that are well suited for the beginner, easy to care for, and inexpensive.

Because millipedes are live animals, we offer a generous Live Arrival Guarantee on all of our insects. Check out our 

Live Arrival Guaranteed in any weather for insects and plants. Read more about our Live Arrival Guarantee Here.

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Out of Stock Scarlet Millipede (Trigoniulus corallinus)
Out of Stock Giant Pink Foot Millipede (Narceus americanus)
Out of Stock Bumble Bee Millipede (Anadenobolus monilicornis)
Out of Stock Ivory Millipede (Chicobolus spinigerus)
Ivory Millipede (Chicobolus spinigerus)

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Out of Stock Smokey Oak Millipede (Narceus gordanus)
Smokey Oak Millipede (Narceus gordanus)

5.0 out of 5 stars



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