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Crowned Tree Frog - Triprion spinosus (Captive Bred - CBP)

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About This Product

Defining Characteristics:

  • Intermediate Tree Frog
  • Shy during the day
  • moderate maintenance
  • call is a loud "boop-boop-boop"
  • medium sized
  • Can be kept in groups

Name: These frogs are most commonly called ‘Crowned Tree Frog,‘ but will also be referred to as the Coronated Tree Frog and the Spiny-Headed Tree Frog. They are named for their bony protrusions that are present on the top of their heads. This is also conveyed in their scientific name, Triprion spinosus. 

Recommended Terrarium Size: Being medium size frogs, Crowned Tree Frogs require a large enclosure. A 29g aquarium or 18x18x24 Terrarium is a good sized enclosure for 2-4 Crowned Tree Frogs. The enclosure should provide plenty of perching areas, such as wood branches or vines, as well as live plants or fake plants. A large water bowl is a necessity. Josh’s Frogs offers Complete Tree Frog Kits that are perfect for Crowned Tree Frogs. For younger Crowned Tree Frogs, moist paper towel or long fiber sphagnum moss is preferred. Adult Crowned Tree Frogs can also be kept above water instead of a substrate. Be aware that these frogs will readily breed if provided with suitable places to deposit their eggs. All substrate should be changed frequently. Water bowls should be cleaned daily and scrubbed out with hot water. Change the substrate at least once a week, and clean the enclosure and decor with a 5% bleach solution. If paper towel is used as a substrate, it should be cleaned daily.

Temperature: They can tolerate temperatures between 70-80F, and seem very tolerant of temperature swings. Ideally, keep Crowned Tree Frogs in the mid/high 70s. A 5-10F temperature drop at night is ideal. A good Thermometer and Hygrometer is recommended to keep track of environmental conditions.

Humidity: In the wild, precipitation and humidity fluctuates based on season, with a heavy rainy season in the early part of the year. Adult Crowned Tree Frogs can handle a wide range of humidity levels, but prefer humidity levels around 50-70% with plenty of ventilation/air movement. Young Crowned Tree Frogs do much better with 70-80% humidty, and some air movement. Moist, stagnant air is a big no-no with Crowned Tree frogs, while very young animals dry out easily. Routine spraying and a full screen top will aid in providing proper humidity levels. Some keepers elect to keep Crowned Tree Frogs over water to aid in maintaining humidity.

Size: Adult Crowned Tree frogs can measure from 2” to 3”, with females being larger than males. Crowned Tree Frogs will continue to grow throughout their lives, and older animals can be quite large. The Crowned Tree frogs sold by Josh’s Frogs measure about 1″ long, and are eating 1/4″ crickets.

Age: Captive life span of the Crowned Tree Frog is unknown, but suspected to be in the 10-15 year range, based on experience with similar species. Crowned Tree frogs are 6-8 weeks old when sold by Josh’s Frogs.

Feeding: Crowned Tree Frogs are voracious eaters, consuming anything that moves and fits into their mouth. Adult Crowned Tree Frogs will readily eat 3/4" crickets. Add other feeder insects such as wax worms, roaches, horn worms, and meal worms. All feeder insects should be dusted with the proper vitamin/mineral supplement. Josh’s Frogs sells Crowned Tree frogs that are eating 1/4″ crickets.

Sexing: They are generally sexable by 8-10 months of age. Females are larger and more rotund and males will call when placed in a rain chamber. Josh's Frogs sells at least 6 week old Crowned Tree Frogs that are unsexable.

Color/Pattern: Crowned Tree Frogs start out life as gray froglets with black and gray banded legs. The spines on the head are not present until later in life. The coloration slowly changes to a light brown/bronze and a darker chocolate brown.

Social Behavior: These frogs do great in groups. Overly amorous males may harass females on occasional, but Crowned Tree Frogs typically coexist peacefully in groups.

Breeding: In the wild these frogs are phytotelmatic non-obligate egg feeders. Crowned Tree Frogs are not exceptionally difficult to breed, typically all they need is a cork tube partially submerged in water. Females will deposit eggs at the water line and periodically will lay unfertilized eggs as food for the subsequent tadpoles. Tadpoles will nibble on the female when she is partially submerged in the water which signals the female to lay eggs. 

Natural Range: Southeastern Mexico (disjunct populations on the Atlantic slopes of the Sierra de los Tuxtlas, Oaxaca State and Veracruz State, 800-2,068 m asl); eastern Honduras (95 m asl); Costa Rica and western Panama (350-1,330 asl) (Savage 2002; Santos-Barrera et al. 2004). Lives in cloud forests and is active the whole year (Duellman 1970). (amphibiaweb)

History in the Hobby: While there are private hobbiests breeding Crowned Tree Frogs they are not being produced in large quantities and could be considered to be a more uncommon frog species.

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Still not sure if Crowned Tree Frogs from Josh's Frogs are the right pet frog for you? Read the reviews below and see what other customers are saying! Then, make sure to check out our more in depth Crowned Tree Frog Care Sheet!


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