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Gargoyle Gecko Stripe A56

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About This Product

The gecko pictured is the EXACT animal for sale!

Weight as of 2/21/2023 : 4.17 grams Birthday : 12/19/2022 Morph : Stripe

Defining Characteristics:

  • Nocturnal
  • Arboreal
  • Easy to care for
  • Easy to breed
  • Interesting Colors and Pattern

Name: Rhacodactylus auriculatus. Commonly known as the Gargoyle Gecko for the bumps on its head which gives it the appearance of having ears or horns

Benefits from buying at Josh's Frogs:

  • Exclusively fed on high quality fruit mix - this means well-fed, healthy animals.
  • Gargoyle Geckos are 2 months or older and at least 5 grams in weight. They are very robust for their age.
  • CB from CB parents, from genetically diverse and colorful bloodlines.
  • Bred by experienced herpetoculturists with a combined experience of over 10 years with the genus.
  • Live arrival and health guarantee unsurpassed in the reptile industry.

Recommended Terrarium Size: A 10 gallon is suitable for 1 adults, but there's nothing wrong with providing extra space. A 20 gallon tank will comfortably house 2 adults. Coco Fiber or a mix of coco fiber and peat moss works well as a substrate. Provide branches, standing cork, or tall or hanging plants to make your arboreal geckos feel at home..

Temperature: Keep Gargoyle Geckos at 74-78F. They cannot tolerate temperatures at or above 85F. Do not let your Gargoyle Geckos get excessively warm, as high temps can quickly be lethal.

Humidity: Gargoyle Geckos like it humid. Provide a water bowl and mist frequently enough to maintain humidity at about 60-70%. Substrate can be allowed to just dry out between mistings, but it should not be bone dry or soaking wet.

Size: Adult Gargoyle Geckos measure up to about 7-9 inches. At hatching, they measure approximately 1-2 inches. Juveniles sold by Josh's Frogs will measure approximately 4.5-5 inches.

Age: Gargoyle Geckos can live up to 15-20 years with proper care. All Gargoyle Geckos sold by Josh's Frogs will be 2+ months old at the time of sale.

Feeding: Gargoyle Geckos are omnivores but can refuse live prey items in favor of solely fruit mix diet, on which they will thrive. They may be offered crickets, dubia roaches, waxworms, black soldier fly larvae, and butterworms. All feeder insects should be dusted with a vitamin/mineral supplement and fed in an escape proof bowl.

Sexing: Sexing Gargoyle Geckos is a little more complicated than sexing Crested Geckos, as both males and females may have a bulge at the base of the tail. Sexing can be done more accurately by looking for femoral pores between the hind legs of males. Juveniles sold by Josh's Frogs are not sexed.

Color/Pattern: Gargoyle Geckos come in shades of gray, brown, white, yellow, orange, and red. They also display a variety of patterns, including stripes, bands, and mottling.

Social Behavior: Gargoyle Geckos are fine housed alone. As juveniles, they can be housed in groups, but this may result in the occasional geckos losing its tail (which will grow back over time). Adults can be housed in groups, but no more than one male should be housed per enclosure.

Breeding: Breeding mature Gargoyle Geckos is easy. Breeding season runs from December to August. Females will lay 2 eggs every 30-45 days during this period. Males may be removed to give the females a break.

Natural Range: Gargoyle Geckos are native to New Caledonia.

History in the Hobby: Ever since they’ve been established in captivity, Gargoyle Geckos have thrived and became very popular. These hardy geckos are widely available through captive breeding.

Links of Interest:

Gargoyle Gecko Caresheet - a good basic caresheet for the Gargoyle Gecko


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