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Indopacific Tree Gecko - Hemiphyllodactylus typus (Captive Bred)


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About This Product

Defining characteristics:

  • Nocturnal
  • Arboreal
  • Great in groups
  • Parthenogenetic
  • Can be housed with dart frogs

Name: Hemiphyllodactylus typus. Their common name, the Indopacific tree gecko, refers to their range and their arboreal nature.

Recommended Enclosure Size: Adults can be kept in groups, with a 8x8x12 glass enclosure  holding 2-3 females. Because this species does not grow very large, upgrading adults to a larger enclosure is usually unnecessary. Coco fiber-based substrates work well. A bioactive substrate can be made with BioBedding, springtails, and isopods. Keep substrate moist. Hides should be provided; cork bark, egg-laying tubes, and similar items work well. Climbing materials like driftwood, cork bark, and manzanita branches should be provided. Live plants are also recommended.

Temperature: Keep Indopacific tree geckos between 70-80 F. A heat source is not necessary if stable temperatures are maintained. Do not allow temperatures to rise above 85 F. Temperature should be monitored with a digital thermometer. Night temperatures should not fall below 65 F. UV light is not required.

Humidity: Keep Indopacific tree geckos with at least 55-60%. They can tolerate humidity up to 90%. Plants can be added to provide humid microclimates. Ambient humidity should be monitored with a digital hygrometer. These geckos should be lightly misted daily or every other day provide dew on enclosure walls and cage items from which they can drink. A shallow water dish can be provided but is not necessary with regular misting.

Size: Hatchlings are under an inch, and adults will reach 3-4 inches as adults.

Age: Indopacific tree geckos are at least 6 weeks old when sold by Josh’s Frogs. It is estimated that these geckos live for 10-20 years in captivity.

Feeding: Indopacific tree geckos sold by Josh’s Frogs are fed ⅛-inch crickets and melanogaster fruit flies. Adults should be fed a staple of 1/4-inch crickets,  melanogaster fruit flies, or hydei fruit flies. All feeder insects should be gutloaded and dusted with vitamin/mineral supplements. Gecko diet mix can also be offered as a supplement to their diet. Both feeder bugs and gecko diet mix can be offered in mounted feeding cups.

Sexing: All Indopacific tree geckos sold by Josh’s Frogs are parthenogenetic females.

Color/Pattern: Indopacific tree geckos are brown with a red tail, which turns a shade of pale yellow in adults. Some individuals have a darker brown mottled pattern.

Social Behavior: This species can be housed in groups provided enough space and food.

Breeding: This species is parthenogenetic: females will ovulate and lay fertile eggs without males. Females will lay a pair of eggs once every month or two in a secure area, including small egg-laying tubes. Eggs are glued to a surface; they cannot be safely removed from the surface onto which they are glued.

Natural Range: Indopacific tree geckos have a wide range in south Asia and among the islands in the Indian ocean.

History in the Hobby: Indopacific tree geckos are not very common in captivity. Being very similar to mourning geckos, we are excited to make these as readily available!

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