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Mexican Fire Leg Tarantula - Brachypelma boehmei (Captive Bred)

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 SPECIAL NOTE: USPS forbids shipping venomous spiders or scorpions in the mail.

Because of this, we ship these animals FedEx priority overnight for a flat fee of $39.99.


  • One of the sassier members of the Brachypelma genus, these red haired beauties should be kept with the knowledge that this species has a penchant for flicking their setae or "hairs" which can cause some skin irritation or require medical intervention in some cases if breathed or embedded in the eye.
  • Still just as easy to care for as the other members of this genus, the arid nature of this species makes it a great candidate for a lovely desert tank with an eye catching resident.
  • The easy care requirements of this species, in spite of its slightly sassier nature, makes it a good candidate for beginning keepers who are ok with them being a hands-off pet.

The Brachypelma boehmei has a genus name with Greek roots meaning “short” and “sole of foot” It is more commonly known as the Mexican Fire Leg Tarantula.

Enclosure: This is a terrestrial species. Surface area of the enclosure should be no less than 3-4 times the spider's diagonal leg span in either horizontal direction. The enclosure should be tall enough to accommodate 2-3 inches of substrate for slings and 4+ inches for adults.

Never allow your terrestrial spider more than two times their diagonal leg span as head space above their substrate as a fall from any higher could be catastrophic.

Want to spice up your enclosure with live plants? Our experts have curated kits of easy-to-care-for and SAFE plants for your tarantula. Check them out here!

Temperatures: Ideally kept in the mid to high 70° range with a bit of wiggle room in either direction. Temperatures consistently below 65° or above 85° should be avoided.

Humidity: 60%-70%; slings should stay on lightly moist substrate, adults should have a water dish and mostly dry substrate, it can be beneficial to overflow the water dish a bit and let the area dry out again before continuing the wet/dry cycle.

Size: Specimens sold by Josh's frogs will be at least 1" at time of sale. Adults can reach up to 6" diagonal leg span.

Age: B. boehmei babies sold by Josh's Frogs are at least 8 months old. Males reach 4-5 years, with females drastically outliving them at 20+ years.

Feeding: At time of sale they are eating 1-2 1/4" crickets once a week. Food should be sized to about the size of the spider's carapace. Older spiders can eat less frequently, with adults eating every 10-14 days.

Sexing: Due to age, B. boehmei spiderlings sold by Josh's Frogs are sold as unsexed. Specimens of 2.5-3" diagonal leg span will be able to start being accurately sexed. The most accurate method is always molt sexing, the molt of a female tarantula of appropriate size will have spermatheca and a uterus externus in between the top two sets of book lungs that will appear as a "flap" that will catch and open if a pin is gently run down this section of the old exoskeleton. Males will have a much more plain slit that will not budge with attempts to manipulate it.

Coloration/patterning: Slings are light brown, growing to a velvety black with flame orange legs and carapace.

Social behavior: Brachypelma boehmei are not social creatures and any attempt to cohabitate will likely result in cannibalism.

Breeding: Spiders for breeding purposes should remain supervised when together and should only be attempted well fed. Mature males can be put in the enclosure of a mature female for courtship/mating. Remove male promptly after insertion is observed, or immediately if female is aggressive rather than receptive.

Natural Range: Some parts of Central America and Mexico


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