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Porcellio laevis 'Dairy Cow' Isopods (10 Count)


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About This Product

LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEED if your temps fall within our LAG (read here). Please check your temps before ordering!

We cannot ship this species to Louisiana, and Oregon! 

Porcellio laevis 'Dairy Cow' are a hardy species of isopod and produce quickly once established. Dairy Cow Isopods are large, active, and have a neat white and black speckled pattern. They are a larger, fast reproducing isopod.  If you're looking to keep these isopods outside of a vivarium, we'd recommend keeping them on our Isopod Substrate, or even better using our Isopod Culturing KitJosh's Frogs MilliMix substrate is also a fantastic option.

In rare cases, starving isopods may attempt to consume the carapace of freshly molted invertebrates or even gnaw on small or delicate reptiles or amphibians. We strongly recommend providing supplemental food to your clean up crew in the enclosure, such as Josh's Frogs CUC Cuisine. When in doubt, using dwarf species of isopods, such as Dwarf Tropical Whites, may be a safer option.

Please read the following article on keeping and culturing isopods: HOW TO KEEP AND CULTURE ISOPODS


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5.0 out of 5 stars

These are just what I wanted!

I've had my Dairy Cow Isopods for a couple of months now. I bought them to add to my American toad tank as part of the cleanup crew. Yesterday when I went to give them new food and spray the tank, I found babies! I'm pretty excited- soon I'll have enough of them to add them to the toad tank! (I feed them Repashy Bug Burger.) Buy these with confidence from Josh's Frogs- their stuff is excellent quality all around!

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