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Purple Tree Tarantula - Tapinauchenius violaceus (Captive Bred)

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About This Product

SPECIAL NOTE: USPS forbids shipping venomous spiders or scorpions in the mail.

Because of this, we ship these animals FedEx priority overnight for a flat fee of $39.99.

Tapinauchenius Violaceus "Purple Tree Spider": Its Greek roots mean "low" "neck" and "purple".


  • Usually non-defensive, preferring flight over fight.
  • Wonderful display spider as adults, staying out in the open if plenty of hiding spots are provided close at hand.
  • Lacks urticating setae, so no worries about itchy hair flinging.


Enclosure size: To start off, an enclosure with 3.5"-4" length and width and about 6" tall will be ideal and allow for a few molts before a rehouse is necessary. When upgrading enclosures as they grow, aim for a minimum of two times their diagonal leg span for length and width, and three times their diagonal leg span for height.

Temperatures: In their natural ranges it consistently stays 76°-82°, however no ill effects have been observed keeping them at room temperature (72°.) Temperatures consistently below 65° or above 90° should be avoided as they can be harmful.

Humidity: Natural ranges consistently stay around 70%, with dips below and spikes depending on season. They are very forgiving spiders, however and maintaining between 65%-80% is well within acceptable range.

Size: Spiderlings of this species that we have in stock are all around 1" diagonal leg span. As adults they can reach 5" diagonal leg span.

Age: Josh's Frogs T. Violaceus spiderlings are at least 3 months old. Total lifespan for a female can be 12-18 years, with males having roughly one third the lifespan of females.


Feeding: Our spiderlings are eating either a ¼" cricket or 2-3 hydei two times a week. As they get older, they will feed less frequently. Always aim for a prey item the size of their carapace or smaller. Do not feed if abdomen is much larger than the carapace, and wait at least a week after molting to attempt to feed.

Sexing: Due to their age, Tapinauchenius Violaceus sold by Josh's Frogs are sold as unsexed. Sexing can be done at 2.5"-3" diagonal leg span accurately and most accurately done by molt. Females, between the top two sets of book lungs in the molt will have a pronounced spermatheca and uterus externus that will present as a "flap" that will catch and open if a pin is gently run down it. Males will have just a simple slit that does not budge if manipulated.

Color: Spiderlings are a light brown but will darken to a lovely plum purple as they age. Mature males will turn brown again and appear a bit shaggier than females.

Social behavior: Solitary animal, any attempts to cohabitate will likely result in cannibalism.

Breeding: Spiders for breeding purposes should remain supervised when together and should only be attempted well fed. Mature males can be put in the enclosure of a mature female for courtship/mating. Remove male promptly after insertion is observed, or immediately if female is aggressive rather than receptive.

Natural Range: Tapinauchenius Violaceus is native to parts of Brazil and French Guiana.

Links of Interest:

  • Arachnoboards: a community of spider enthusiasts that will be able to or have already answered almost any question you can think of with regards to tarantulas.


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Restrictions on this product that prohibit shipping to the following states: HI.

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5.0 out of 5 stars

AWESOME tarantula but SUPER fast!

I got my T. violaceus from josh's frogs in September 2019, it's now October 2020 and he/she has grown SO much! close to 4" if I had to take a guess. I had never bought tarantulas online, so I was very confused when a little green vial was in the box haha I even took a video in case they had shipped the wrong thing, but sure enough there was a little bitty baby tarantula wrapped up inside. From the very beginning it ate well and grew well. I recently moved it from its baby house to its permanent house and that was terrifying. These tarantulas don't just move fast, I swear they can teleport! and it is never where you are expecting them to go, totally random wild movement. however I got it moved and it looks great in its display cage. I did have an escape one time, I decided to move its cork bark so I opened the cage to see if I could figure out where it was and I must have surprised it because zip zip zip it just bounced around the cage like a pinball machine and then trickled right out the door! ahhh! thankfully I think it was as surprised as I was and it stayed still on my desk until I could cup it and get it back into its house, but those were a few tense moments! long story short: eats great, grows fast, beautiful, hides a lot as a baby but is out often as an almost adult- fast as lightning!

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