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Sera GVG-Mix Nature (100 mL)

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About This Product

The treat consisting of flakes and whole dried food organisms for a varied diet

Sera GVG-Mix Nature is the treat for fish eating mainly at the surface that does not require dyes and preservatives.

The mixture of flakes and dried, whole food organisms such as Krill, bloodworms and daphnia allows for a varied diet.

The food is particularly rich in natural minerals and trace elements and supports health and fertility. The flakes keep their shape and do not cloud the water.

Swimming zone

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Natural ornamental fish diet

This product belongs to the "sera Nature" product range, which does not require any dyes nor preservatives. A varied diet with ingredients close to nature is the best protection against deficiencies, and supports the health and liveliness of the fish. The Nature food types therefore contain natural ingredients such as Spirulina, Krill or sustainable insect meal from soldier fly larvae (Hermetia). The signets on the front side of the package highlight these ingredients and their amounts in the food.

Feeding recommendation

Feed once or twice daily, only as much as the animals take up within a short time.

Check out Sera's helpful Freshwater Guides!

How to feed your fish according to nature

Gow to feed tropical fish according to nature

Healthy aquarium fish

Keeping goldfish healthy

Sera also has a helpful video on Food for ornamental fish


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Out of Stock Sera GVG-Mix Nature (100 mL)
Sera GVG-Mix Nature (100 mL)

5.0 out of 5 stars




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5.0 out of 5 stars

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5.0 out of 5 stars

Fish love it!

My tropical fish love this stuff. I like to alternate between foods.

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