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Smooth Sided Toad Tadpole 10 Lot - Rhaebo guttatus (Captive Bred)

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About This Product

This listing is for ten (10) Smooth Sided Toad tadpoles. When you order this, you will receive ten (10) tadpoles >1/8" in body size (not including the tail).

Defining Characteristics:

  • Novice to intermediate to keep
  • One of the largest toad species
  • Bold
  • Whiny honking call
  • Large
  • Can be kept in groups

Name: Rhaebo Guttatus or the Smooth Sided Toad is named for the distinct lack of warts typical in other true toad species. Guttatus is latin for spotted which is not readily apparent, but the underside of these toads are covered in a unique pattern of white spots.

Housing: These tadpoles stay relatively small. At the time of metamorphosis most toadlets will be between 3/8" to 1/2." Because the size of toad tadpoles are considerably smaller than other groups of frogs you can house about 5 tadpoles per gallon of water. Most water coming into contact with an amphibian should be treated with dechlorinator to neutralize any chlorine or chloramines present. This process can be skipped if you are starting with RO/DI water but this will need to be reconstituted and preferably made into tadpole tea using tannins from leaf litter. Water temperature should remain over 72 F and not exceed 80 F. Growth rates of these tadpoles will depend on temperature and food availability. These tadpoles can eat a myriad of foods but primarily are fed Josh's Frogs Tree Frog Tadpole food with supplemental feeding including things like repashy's soilent green and blood worms. Depending on density of tadpoles, feeding frequency, and temperature, water changes will need to be as frequent as once a day to as infrequent as once a week. 

Metamorphosis: These toads are not avid climbers and may need assistance when morphing out of the water. We typically find it's easiest on them to move them to a shallow water dish (petri dishes, food dishes, or even bottle caps) filled with a bit of their water once they have their front limbs emerge from their bodies. Keeping them on damp paper towel or sphagnum moss until they absorb their tails and start eating is recommended.

Newly Morphed Toadlet Care: These toadlets are quite small at metamorphosis and will need to be fed small feeder insects. We prefer using springtails, melanogaster fruit flies, and pinhead crickets. Keeping toadlets on our tropical biobedding once they have had a few meals in their morphing tank can allow you to transfer your toad to a more permanent enclosure that they can live in for several months before needing an upgrade. Because it can be difficult to find food in a tank the size we recommend for adults it is recommended to upgrade tank sizes as the toad grows.


After placing your order someone from our care team will reach out to schedule delivery of this product.

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