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Pumpkin Patch Tarantula - Hapalopus formosus (Captive Bred)

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  • Formerly known as Hapalopus sp. Colombia "Large" this got changed when the genus was revised.
  • A species of dwarf tarantula.
  • The species originates from Colombia and is available in two size forms.


Name: Hapalopus formosus "Large": Pumpkin patch tarantula, the genus translates to “hapalo-” simple, and “-pus” foot. The common name references the spider’s orange spots and black patterning on its abdomen which resemble somewhat a group of pumpkins. .

Recommended Enclosure Size: The adult tarantula should be kept in a 1 gallon terrarium. Larger terrariums can be used, though are not necessary. The spider is a burrower so sufficient substrate should be provided for it to be able to do so. A hide and water dish should also be included.


Temperature: 75-80°F.


Humidity: 60-70%


Size: At least 1/8”. Grows up to 3”.


Age: Females, 8-10yrs. Males 3-4yrs. Females mature in about 2yrs while males mature in as little as 1yr.


Feeding: Drosophila melanogaster or D. hydei. As it grows, so should its prey. Prey items should be no larger than the size of the spider’s abdomen. Remove uneaten prey items: these may endanger the spider during molting. Spiderlings can be fed as frequently as they are willing to eat but should be fed at least twice a week otherwise.


Sexing: To identify a male or female before it has reached sexual maturity you will need to examine its cast skin which in females will have a folded area in the abdominal region which will eventually connect to her spermatheca when she is mature.Due to their age, Pumpkin patch taranutlas sold by Josh's Frogs are sold as unsexed animals.


Color/Pattern: light brown or tannish body and legs with an abdomen sporting several orange spots (the titular “pumpkin patch”) separated by black.


Social Behavior: Hapalopus formosus “Large” are not social creatures, any attempts to cohabitate will likely result in cannibalism.


Breeding: When breeding pumpkin patches, it is best to plan it for about one month after the female molts. If a molt follows the pairing before eggs can be laid, the reproductive material contributed by the male will be discarded in the process.The female should also be well fed prior to the paring. If successful the female will eventually construct an egg sac which should be removed about four weeks after for incubation.


Natural Range: Pacific coast of Colombia.


Links of Interest:

  • Arachnoboards: a community of spider enthusiasts that will be able to or have already answered almost any question you can think of with regards to tarantulas.


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5.0 out of 5 stars

Tiny, but active!

I didn’t expect it to be sooo tiny, but realized it’s a dwarf species so it makes sense. It also came lively and actually threw some hairs at me while I was rehousing it. It’s very cute and I’m super satisfied with all of my purchases through Josh’s frogs!

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